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From tourism to high technology: Grenada and Russia have something to share with each other

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agencias matrimoniales en euskadi Picturesque white beaches, tropical forests and endless plantations of nutmeg, cocoa beans and mangoes. Even the Soviet and Cuban airplanes that have remained since the Cold War look like exotic scenery for the film. But now Grenada shows itself from the other side. As an active and independent player in the international arena.

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The OECS awarded for support to agriculture health and food safety in the Caribbean

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site de rencontre a proximitГ© gratuit Over 20 Caribbean countries gathered at the 10th Caribbean Plant Health Directors Forum in the Dominican Republic last week where the OECS was awarded in recognition of its role in plant protection initiatives leading to enhanced agricultural development, trade and innovation in the region. Read more

Graze the Grenada Spice Market

by mycaribbean mycaribbean No Comments The West Indies island of Grenada is often referred to as Spice Island, a name it earned for its wealth of spices, which were highly prized during the colonial era. Present-day Grenada is a leading producer of cinnamon, cloves, ginger, bay leaf, turmeric and nutmeg. The island is also getting props for its locally made chocolate.

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Fruity, florally, nutty and earthen, Caribbean cocoa inspires the world’s chocolatiers

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agencias matrimoniales badajoz The popularity of dark chocolate throughout the world has surpassed just being a flavour of the month. The rapid growth in demand for fine flavour cocoa, primarily used in the sought- after dark chocolate, over the past five years, is set to continue bringing lucrative benefits to the Caribbean’s fine cocoa industry. Read more