Home News From tourism to high technology: Grenada and Russia have something to share with each other

From tourism to high technology: Grenada and Russia have something to share with each other

Home News From tourism to high technology: Grenada and Russia have something to share with each other

From tourism to high technology: Grenada and Russia have something to share with each other

by mycaribbean

Picturesque white beaches, tropical forests and endless plantations of nutmeg, cocoa beans and mangoes. Even the Soviet and Cuban airplanes that have remained since the Cold War look like exotic scenery for the film. But now Grenada shows itself from the other side. As an active and independent player in the international arena.

A new perspective platform for negotiations is almost ten thousand kilometers from Moscow. In 2017, Grenada became the first state of the Caribbean, which opened its embassy in Moscow. And these days it hosts the first forum “Russia-Eurasia-Caribbean”.

Participants included delegates from Russia, Antigua and Barbuda, Guyana, Uruguay, Cuba, St. Kitts and Nevis, the United States and Britain. Representatives of the Caribbean Community also arrived, where Grenada currently presides as the Chair. Some of the main speakers, of course, are members of the government of Grenada itself.

“Russia and Grenada need each other: Russia has resources, first of all, human resources, there are scientists, specialists in various fields of knowledge and, of course, businessmen and investors. And we have the opportunities and have something to offer,” said the Honourable Nickolas Steele, Minister of International Business of Grenada.

The co-organizers of the forum were the Ministry of International Business of Grenada, Roscongress Foundation and the Bering-Bellingshausen Institute.

“On the one hand, these are small countries, usually we see them at the beginning of the Olympic Games.” On the other hand, firstly, nobody canceled arithmetic at the UN, there are full votes, and secondly, 16 million people. , it’s a curious market that delivers what we do not know how to grow, they also experiment with mail reform, blockchain technologies, the blue economy, and so on,” said the President of the Bering-Bellingshausen Institute and the anchor of the TV program “Saturday News” Sergey Brilev.

Grenada has been interested in developing economic ties with Russia for several years now. The most obvious, but not the only sphere here, of course, is tourism. Local beaches are considered to be among the best in the world. And citizens of Russia do not need a visa to travel to Grenada.

“Now we are establishing bilateral relations with more than 50 regions of Russia and we see responses from Russian companies that are interested in developing business in the Caribbean region.” We have also opened My Caribbean trade center, its goal is the development of economic and cultural ties between countries,” said Ambassador of Grenada to Russia Oleg Firer.

Of the goods, Grenada can offer fish, fruits and spices. And above all, of course, nutmeg. Nutmeg is even here on the national flag. The factories of small Grenada now produce up to 30 percent of the world’s muscat harvest.

At the factory it is worth to come, at least for the sake of smell. Muscat dust here hangs in the air. Sacks from the plantations, full of nuts, are raised to the upper floors on the platforms. Down through the vents of the sorting cars for hours the stream of Grenada black gold flows.

Grenada delivers nuts to the US, Latin America and Europe. There are no direct supplies to Russia yet. But from the mid-80s a memorable tablet was kept in the factory. Then the bags of muscat went straight from Grenada to the USSR, and on the stencil then, by all accounts, Russia mistakenly wrote. Not the Soviet Union.

According to one of the workers, as soon as the factory receives the order, it is ready to export. “That’s why we need this tablet, and it’s always in our sight,” he said.

They also count on the development of ties in science and education. On the island there is a large medical university, many graduates of which work in the USA. Perhaps, soon, students from Russia will also appear here. Relations in the field of agriculture and technology are developing.

“Colleagues come out with an initiative where, in partnership with Skolkovo, using the successes and mistakes that we made, here we have to make a technological gate.” In order to establish the center here with our expert support that will implement the technologies here,” said the Senior Vice-President of Skolkovo on innovations Kyrill Kaem.

General view of our countries and many international problems. And experts emphasize: it is not worthwhile to focus on the size of the country and its influence in different regions of the world. Smaller countries now receive much greater freedom of maneuver in the international arena. In the UN General Assembly and practically in all international organizations, the principle operates: one country – one vote. And sometimes this voice can be decisive.

Source: https://www.vesti.ru/doc.html?id=2950976

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